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The AC-Energy service is the widest unified service network for servicing Atlas Copco compressor equipment in Armenia.

Highly qualified specialists flexibly and efficiently support the maximum availability and efficiency of compressed air networks in enterprises, anywhere in Uzbekistan, through the use of optimal technical solutions.

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Service & spare parts

Order service and spare parts for your equipment.

Maximize resources with a service plan.

Control your compressed air installation with a SMARTLINK device

Audit your compressed air installation using the AIRScan function

Supply of genuine parts for gas and process turbine equipment

Preventive maintenance of compressor equipment

Comprehensive customer service


Atlas Copco is the world leader in the compressed air technology market, so we understand the importance of quality service and maintenance. Our service technicians work throughout Uzbekistan and are always ready to service your compressed air system. The optimal operation of the equipment plays an extremely important role regardless of your field of activity: compressed air systems, vacuum pumps and gas production installations must function in all conditions. Specialists of the company “AC Energy” on equipment maintenance and service support work throughout the country, so they know the local specifics of your region. In order for your compressed air systems to function properly, it is important to use genuine parts and perform quality service. If the compressor is served by well-trained and experienced personnel, this has a positive effect on your operating performance. Regular maintenance of the compressor or vacuum pump ensures optimum performance and the best air quality, which significantly reduces the risk of malfunctions and production failures.