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Blowers for all low pressure applications

Our blowers are ideal for areas where low pressure is required: pneumatic transport, sewage, mining, or any other low pressure application. Atlas Copco always strives to improve energy efficiency in order to maximize profitability and minimize operating costs.

The same approach we apply to the blowers. Our low pressure products will help control processes that use pneumatic devices at low pressure.

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Oil-free air blowers

Oil-free rotary screw blowers ZS (VSD +)

Oil-free rotary screw blowers ZS (VSD +

Oil-free multistage centrifugal injection and vacuum blowers ZM

Blowers for sewage treatment plants

Blowers for any use


Application areas

Our products are suitable for any field of application: aeration of settling tanks, sewage treatment, washing of soil, pneumatic transport, flotation, combustion air for furnaces, kilns, etc.


Complex solutions

Our blowers are used in the mining industry, wastewater treatment, bulk transport and many other areas.